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Ryan Adams

Gray Ducks Soccer


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Gray Ducks Soccer
Gray Ducks Soccer is Minnesota's largest LGBT soccer club. We’re actually the largest adult soccer club in Minnesota, with the help of our allies. We promote amateur sports competition, particularly soccer, for all persons regardless of age, sexual orientation or preference, with special emphasis on the participation of members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

We offer programming across a variety of experience levels, formats and leagues. We match players with teams based on their interest and experience to create a compatible team experience. The Gray Ducks earned a Bronze Medal in the 2018 Paris Gay Games. The North American Gay Soccer Association was founded in 2018 led by the Gray Ducks to unite a coalition of soccer clubs that serve the greater continent with the same mission as the local community. The Gray Ducks constantly look for opportunities to advocate equality in sport, to offer new opportunities even beyond soccer, and bring greater inclusion to athletics.

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