Community Resources and the COVID-19 Virus in Minnesota

Dear Quorum Members, Partners, and Stakeholders:

Minnesotans are resilient and our businesses and community know how to manage through difficult times. During this unprecedented challenge related to the COVID-19 virus, please know that Quorum is working proactively to support our members, community partners, and stakeholders.We can never be too careful. We are taking the most prudent measures internally and externally to ensure the safety of our members and staff. As with many of you, we are fully adhering to all the standard recommendations regarding sick employees, hand washings and any travel restrictions. We also continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation on a daily basis with updates from local, state, and national entities dedicated to stopping the spread of this virus.

Second, with respect to many of our members who have experienced a hardship due to the virus, please know that Quorum remains available and ready to support you. This is an evolving issue, and the business that prepares for it will be in a better position to deal with it.

Lastly, we are, closely monitoring things day-to-day, and we will notify you of any changes.We will keep you updated on our events and make any changes necessary to ensure the safety and health of our Quorum Village. 

We are very confident that the Twin Cities and Minnesota will persevere through these challenging times. Know that Quorum will be with you every step of the way.
Ron Gersdorf, Quorum Board President
Rebecca Waggoner, Quorum Executive Director

Resources for Businesses and Community Partners

Health-Related Resources

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